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In September 93, JP recorded his first song “SLOBODOWN” which instantly became an anthem of resistant against the regime of that time in Serbia.
In November 93, the name “STRAIGHT JACKIN” was given and JP started looking for a band.

Living in Sankt Petersburg and studying for a Theater and Movie director, JP took part in the underground music scene of Russia flocked around the “TAM-TAM”, legendary Saint Petersburg’s underground club. Insights that he had gained in Russia with strong influence of upcoming hip-hop phenomenon from the West, formed the future sound of SJ.
In March 94, JP founded Straight Jackin with members of Saint Petersburg’s most popular underground group of that time, Markscheider Kunst.
In June 94, Straight Jackin released the song & video named “Sin Mafije” establishing JP’s rough hip-hop lyrics joined with strong guitar&bass lines as the characteristic sound of SJ.
In Fall 94 the Russian line-up of SJ performed their first concert in “TAM-TAM”.

During April ‘96 Straight Jackin were recording songs for their debut album on “Melody Studios, Saint Petersburg”.
After JP’s comeback from Russia in June ‘96, Serbian version of the video “Straight Gangsterism” was published.
Nebojša Adamović - ADAM (drums), Dejan Đorovic - ĐORA (guitar) joined the band and started the Belgrade phase of Straight Jackin.
In October '96, Straight Jackin published their first album “Ulaz-Izlaz…ulaz se otvara češće” for “METROPOLIS RECORDS” on audio tapes and Sasa Đokic - ĐOLE (bass) joined the bend. He is the only constant member of SJ till today. On January 13th '97 album was released on CD. Straight Jackin brought out one of the most popular underground music videos of the ''90es, for the song “JAHRASTAFFARAJ” directed by Petar Ilić-ĆIRILO;
On May 16th ‘97 SJ performed the first Belgrade concert in legendary Belgrade’s SKC.
Two more videos, for the songs “MALO SRECE” and “Sin Mafije”, were released in 97.

In April '98 the band recorded the second album in the “MUSIC FACTORY STUDIO".
In August ‘98 Straight Jackin released the legendary album of the 90’s “JAHRASTAFFRAJ” for “CITY RECORDS”.
This album brought in strong reggae influences to music of SJ, due to JP’s collaboration with M.Kunst and many other Tam- Tam’s group back in Russia, and established cult status of the bend on Serbian underground music scene of that time.
In September ‘98 SJ published video “ZES” directed by JP and in February ’99, video for the song “Gan” directed by Ćirilo.
In May ‘02 Đora and Adam left the group.
Miodrag Šusha-ŠULE, legendary Belgrade Guitar Hero, joined the bend.

On October 22nd ‘04 SJ released their third album named “004” for the first Serbian hip-hop label “BASSIVITY MUSIC” with Slobodan Jurišić – JURA on drums and IGOR BOROJEVIĆ as a producer.
In 2004 Straight Jackin released the videos “Lopove - narkomane” and “Ferdinand” directed by JP.
During 2005 the band’s producer Igor Borojević was playing drums on concerts .
In November ‘06 Goran Petrović - UŠKE (drums) joined the group;
in 2006 Shule moved out to New York.
In 2007 SJ released the video for the song “IZVINI JAH” directed by JP and videos “Zašto da čekamo ?” and “Ludnica” directed by Olga Glisin and Ivan Pravdic- http://www.justart.ws

Right now Straight Jackin are finishing their forth album named “GDE DRUZJA?” for PGP-RTS, major Serbian brand. The songs for this album were partly recorded in Sankt Petersburg with original members of SJ in spring of ‘08, during JP’s visit to Russia, partly in PGP-RTS Studios.and partly at Bare Wired Studio
Current 2010 line-up of Straight Jackin are : JP , Đole on bass, rejoined Đora on guitar,Ivan on keyboards and Sinisha Stupar on drumms
Waiting for the new album to be remastered, Straight Jackin are touring across the Balkans.
The new album is expected to be released in 2010.
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В Kroogi с 28 мая 2010
STRAIGHT JACKIN пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!